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Tyre Valve Caps - Nylon


Product Description

Tyre valve caps are essential for protecting the tyre valve by keeping dirt, dust and water out. Leakage from the valve core is also quite common causing a loss of pressure, reduction in tyre life, increased fuel consumption, and possibly tyre failure not to mention tha associated safety concerns for you and your passengers. Standard plastic tyre valve caps are made down to the lowest cost, don't provide a proper seal, deteriorate in the weather, are too easy to cross-thread and are readily lost when adjusting tyre pressures.
The Tyre Valve Cap is the ultimate in tyre valve caps. Manufactured form nylon, it includes a silicone rubber seal which seals any pressure leaks with just light finger tightening! The special low density polyethylene strap fixes the No-Loss Valve Cap to the valve stem whilst allowing the cap to turn easily - no more lost caps! Even if you forget to screw the cap back on it will not be lost and can be screwed on later.
The Tyre Valve Cap is designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle and you should never need to buy a replacement.

The nylon No-Loss Tyre Valve Cap is suited to all valve types including both brass and alloy.

Available in a pack of 5.