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Tyre Deflator 10-20 p.s.i


Product Description

By partially deflating your vehicles tyres to a pre-determined pressure the footprint of your vehicle is increased significantly. The benefits of this are:
  • Improved traction and reduced wheelspin
  • Reduced ground pressure to increase flotation in sand and mud
  • A reduction in punctures from sharp rocks and stakes
  • Reduced road damage on soft surfaces
  • Minimised soil damage in sensitive areas and cultivated land
  • Improved comfort for vehicle occupants
The unique NEW 4x4 Equip Tyre Deflator is a multi-setting unit allowing one of six different settings to be selected depending on the terrain to be traversed. The desired pressure is selected by pushing in the plunger and rotating to the marked pressure required. The Tyre Deflator is then screwed onto the tyre valve and the pressure is automatically dropped to that required before shutting off. Should you find that, after already deflating your tyres, you require an even lower pressure you can simply dial in that new pressure with a twist of the plunger and repeat the proceedure - a very convenient feature unique to the 4x4 Equip Tyre Deflator. 
The 4x4 Equip Tyre Deflator 10-20 has a range from 10p.s.i to 20p.s.i and provides pressure increments of 2p.s.i. (i.e. 10p.s.i, 12p.s.i, 14p.s.i, 16p.s.i, 18p.s.i and 20p.s.i). It is particularly suitable for those vehicles that regularly require very low pressures for driving in deep sand or mud.
This tyre deflator is manufactured in the United Kingdom from high quality materials and is used by the British Army and Royal Air Force. 
Length - 98mm
Width - 31mm
Weight - 90g